What are the components
of the StudentKeys program?

The Program

The program has six components vital to a student’s life: Personality Styles (communication preferences), Perceptual Styles (learning preferences), Cognitive Styles (thinking preferences), Values Styles (motivational preferences), Occupational Choices (based upon personality preferences), and Goal Setting (using all preferences to set goals). Five of the workbooks include short assessments that identify the individual’s “style” and how he/she can maximize strengths and appreciate limits. The six workbooks are available separately or as a complete package.

The Workbooks

The Personality Style Workbook

The Personality Style Workbook — guides students in identifying their Personality Style (D,I,S,C), their strengths, limitations, and motivations. It also helps them gain an appreciation for diversity so they may relate better with professors, roommates, and friends.

Perceptual Style Workbook

The Perceptual Learning Style Workbook – identifies the student’s Perceptual Style and allows students and teachers to understand the ways in which they best perceive information through their senses (auditory, visual, and kinesthetic) so that they may learn more effectively.

The Cognitive Style Workbook

The Cognitive Thinking Style Workbook– explains the different ways in which students absorb information and process that information. By identifying and understanding their Cognitive Style (literal, intuitive, theoretical, and experiential) students may enhance their learning experiences.

The Values Style Workbook

The Values Style Workbook – points out internal motivators that students use to make decisions. By identifying Values Styles (loyalty, equality, personal freedom, and justice) students can see how their values impact their personal and professional choices.

The Career Style Workbook

The Career Choice Workbook – by applying information from the Personality Style workbook, this workbook matches suggested careers with the student’s style. Students can discover how their style is typically most fulfilled in an occupation.

The Goal Setting Workbook

The Goal Setting Workbook – identifies the need to set realistic goals. It begins a process by which a student can set goals pertaining to education, career, and personal development. No style is identified in this book; instead the student is responsible for creating his/her own goal plan

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