What are the benefits of StudentKeys assessments?


An independent study found that StudentKeys participants were retained from freshman to sophomore year 7% more than the control group who was not exposed to StudentKeys materials. The same study found StudentKeys participants GPAs higher than control group participants.


Valuable Tools

  • Identify individual communication styles and enhance communication
  • Recognize individual learning styles and enhance learning
  • Recognize individual thinking styles and enhance thinking
  • Reveal individual motivational needs and motivate students
  • Develop effective study, test-taking and study skills in students
  • Identify and encourage leadership qualities
  • Build productive teams

Proven Results

  • Help students appreciate diversity
  • Prevent everyday communication misunderstandings
  • Help students choose realistic goals
  • Assist students in finding occupations that fulfill the needs of the personality
  • Aid in acclimating students from high school to college life
  • Increase college retention rates*
  • Help raise student’s GPAs*

Enhancing interactions at home and at school

Discussing the findings in these workbooks either one on one or in a small group will encourage students to discuss and understand their personality similarities and differences with family, friends, and teachers. The concepts discussed in these workbooks promote a student’s self awareness. High School students can recognize different personality styles and appreciate the differences and diversity of others. Teachers, students and parents can all be “on the same page” by catering to the student’s individual communication and learning preferences. In addition, students can learn to reduce misunderstandings when they realize that a certain behavior by another is not purposeful, but is a function of their unique personality style.

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