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Strength Identification

Short and accurate assessments help identify a student’s natural learning, thinking, and values strengths. Many students find the information about themselves to be eye-opening. Their identified styles will either confirm what they already know to be true, or will reveal strengths they never knew they had. Since information is power, information about oneself can be very powerful and can inspire the interactions we have, the way we learn and the decisions we make.

Career Guidance

Guidance Counselors are using StudentKeys assessments as a springboard for career planning. The information revealed about a student’s unique communication and values style can help a student decide more realistically about a career path. The Career Choice Workbook may be helpful by pointing out that on average, people with certain personality styles gravitate to and are more fulfilled by certain occupations than others.

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Encouraging Study Skills

Short and accurate assessments help identify a student’s natural and unique learning and thinking strengths so that students can make the best use of their study time. Students can discover how they best perceive (take in) new information through their senses and how they best process (think about) that information once inside. Once a student’s learning and thinking styles are identified they can begin applying them in a practical way. Developing effective study habits targeted to their preferences will help them make the most of their study time.

Revealing Motivational Needs

Students can identify their values system and understand how values unconsciously trigger many of the choices they make everyday. A student who understands how he/she is motivated differently may be able to recognize their strengths and limitations in certain social and professional areas. Students can also appreciate why they do not see eye to eye with parents, peers, and professors as a result of conflicting values styles.
Likewise, educators who pay attention their student’s unique values styles can target incentives to individual preferences therefore increasing motivation.

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Enhancing interactions at home and at school

Discussing the findings in these workbooks either one on one or in a small group will encourage students to discuss and understand their personality similarities and differences with family, friends, and teachers. The concepts discussed in these workbooks promote a student’s self awareness. High School students can recognize different personality styles and appreciate the differences and diversity of others. Teachers, students and parents can all be “on the same page” by catering to the student’s individual communication and learning preferences. In addition, students can learn to reduce misunderstandings when they realize that a certain behavior by another is not purposeful, but is a function of their unique personality style.

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