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A few select individuals have built upon the works of Dr. William Moulton Marston over the last half century. Of these, one of the foremost is Dr. Sanford Kulkin, Founder and President of the Institute for Motivational Living and PeopleKeys.


Dr. Kulkin has invested more than a quarter century into the development of strategic applications for DISC and behavior-related assessment materials for use in education, business, and interpersonal relationships. He has worked to simplify the DISC and behavioral-related materials so as to put their power into the hands of others, such as educators. Understanding human behavior and identifying patterns and preferences has given his clients insight into successful strategies to predict behavior and capitalize upon natural strengths. The impact of these strategies extends well beyond educational programs into a life-long learned behavioral language that builds self- esteem, capitalizes upon personal strengths, teaches diversity, and helps young people make realistic and fulfilling decisions for life’s most critical decisions.

Bringing decades of executive level and technically-accomplished experience to the table, Dr. Kulkin and his staff assist educational clients by developing specialized tools and ongoing processes that are assimilated into educational cultures to improve retention, acclimates students to new learning environments, develop targeted study skills, and assess personal strengths. The Institute (IML) has developed and published several copyrighted psychometric assessments and materials, such as the Student Keys™ Program Program, that have been successfully used in high schools, colleges, and universities globally to develop and train a vast range of individuals in soft skills and communication effectiveness to increase educational and life success for young people.

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Student Keys™ Program (formerly known as the CareerQuest program) was developed in 1997 by the Institute for Motivational Living in as a tool in college orientation programs to acclimate, retain, and assess incoming during orientations. Student Keys draws upon 30+ years of consulting experience in applied behavioral theory to help give students critical information about their strengths so that they can develop targeted study and learning skills and make realistic and informed decisions about their future.

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